A Satisfyingly Messy Finale

It was the finale of my Edge of the Empire campaign last night and I’m still on a bit of a high. It has been a 24 session sandbox set across seven planets and a couple of space stations with the PCs getting involved in theft, refugees, droid modification, treasure hunts, giant snakes, various Hutt […]

Concept Concordance

I love it when a plan comes together. Although in this case I’m talking about when three little ideas you’ve had bouncing around in your head for a while suddenly coalesce into one bigger awesome one, rather than a surprise tank. (If my players are reading, please look away now.) Idea #1 A prehistoric campaign. […]

Brian’s OSR Overview: Settings

(Part 1, Part 2) I was going to write about the various Swords & Wizardry games today but then I had a better idea. Before I burn away all the goodwill my OSR introduction post earned me I want to tell you all about the best bit of the OSR. OSR products are mostly small […]

Brian’s OSR Overview: Basic Games

(Following on from Part 1 yesterday) There are a lot of OSR games, and until you’ve actually read a bunch of them they all look pretty much the same, so I’m going to run through a whole bunch of the more accessible or interesting options and I’ll try to explain why you might chose to […]

Brian’s OSR Overview

When I tentatively started investigating this retro niche of our hobby I was surprised by how big it was, I had heard of Labyrinth Lord and Stars Without Number, but not the dozens of other games I soon found, all offering their own unique take on the OSR. For almost three years now I’ve been […]