Brian’s OSR Overview: Settings

(Part 1, Part 2) I was going to write about the various Swords & Wizardry games today but then I had a better idea. Before I burn away all the goodwill my OSR introduction post earned me I want to tell you all about the best bit of the OSR. OSR products are mostly small […]

Brian’s OSR Overview: Basic Games

(Following on from Part 1 yesterday) There are a lot of OSR games, and until you’ve actually read a bunch of them they all look pretty much the same, so I’m going to run through a whole bunch of the more accessible or interesting options and I’ll try to explain why you might chose to […]

Brian’s OSR Overview

When I tentatively started investigating this retro niche of our hobby I was surprised by how big it was, I had heard of Labyrinth Lord and Stars Without Number, but not the dozens of other games I soon found, all offering their own unique take on the OSR. For almost three years now I’ve been […]

D&D’s Balancing Act

There are a few conflicting mechanisms at work in classic Dungeons & Dragons which have been ported over to OSR wholesale. High level characters need to be powerful and capable, they are after all the reward for a campaign well played. For high level characters to feel powerful, the low level characters need to feel […]

Logistics of absentee players

I have four players in my Monday game but last night one of them sent the group a message saying he was ill and wouldn’t be able to play. This is of course fine, a roleplaying campaign is a big commitment and you really can’t complain that sometimes people just can’t be there. But then […]