More RPGs or Longer Campaigns?

I own a lot of RPGs and I try to run and play as many as I can. I like to do this to get a better understanding of the different ways games can operate, the various solutions to the same problems. I like to see all the choices designers have made about what matters […]

Fighting Fantasy and Character Advancement

There are a few issues I often find with rules-light RPGs. Some have easy fixes, others are simply compromises that you have to live with if you want to minimise your mechanics. The one I’m thinking about today is character progression. Watching your character develop as they achieve their goals and survive their failures can […]

Magic to fit Fighting Fantasy

As discussed last time, In my update of the original Fighting Fantasy RPG, I want adventurers to have some ability to use magic. That being said, I don’t want it to be complicated and I don’t want it to be boring. I run my main Monday night game for a group of thirty-something players who […]

My Wee Orange Adventure Game

Buoyed by the positive response to my previous post I am still thinking through the practicalities of my alternative take on an RPG based on the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. I am writing up a playtest document which I intend to share soon. I’m using the working title The Wee Orange Adventure Game. Naming things is […]

Fighting Fantasy Renaissance

I’ve had Fighting Fantasy on my mind recently. I have always loved the solo gamebooks, I think I wrote about them back when I started this blog. The three stats, Skill for fighting and doing stuff, Stamina for taking damage and Luck for everything else were more than enough to define your character and see […]

Whitehack Updated Houserules

It’s been a couple years since I posted my houserules for Whitehack, and as is the nature of these things they have evolved somewhat since then. So here’s how they stand today. Character Generation When rolling stats, roll 2d6+3 and assign in order. You may then choose either to swap two values or re-roll the […]

Upgrading D&D 5e?

There was a discussion on Twitter last night about which bits of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons should be changed if Wizards of the Coast were going to make a new edition. Some of the suggestions seemed to miss the reasons why 5e has managed to be so popular. So here’s some things D&D got […]