Edge Of The Empire Strikes Back

I ran a very satisfying game of Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire yesterday afternoon. My Son had played it once before and he had told his friend all about it and then he had asked me to run it for the two of them. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t hold their attention and they’d soon wander off back to Minecraft but three hours later when I told them we were done for the day I’m sure they would have happily kept going.

I was running through the Beginner’s Box adventure Escape from Mos Shuuta. I had to re-jig the order of the encounters because the kids used an advantage to shoot out a cantina window (which I, as GM, hadn’t even realised was there) and they dived through it before they could properly finish Encounter #1, so they ended up working through the scenario without some vital information. This actually worked out really well with them running around town trying to get everything they needed whilst being pursued by starport security droids and a couple of squads of storm troopers.

I love dice and they certainly didn’t let me down yesterday. Firstly the FFG dice system did a great job of encouraging the two players to come up with awesome plans; they didn’t want any of those Advantages to go to waste. Then, every time someone fired a blaster at my son’s bounty hunter character they rolled a triumph. I was very please that Edge of the Empire doesn’t feature a ‘Dead’ state for PCs. If we had been playing old school D&D he’d have died and re-rolled his character three times over!

Finally in the gunfight aboard the freighter the bedraggled bounty hunter PC jumped round a corner, blaster in hand only to see the Nemesis level ship’s captain ready to throw a grenade. Acting quickly my son blew his arm off at the elbow. The primed grenade rolled out of his hand… I explained that the grenade would detonate somewhere between 1 and 10 seconds and gave him the options of diving for cover or diving for it and deactivating it. He took a chance and dived for it, he rolled OK so I told him that his action takes 3 seconds. I then grabbed my d10 to find out what the time was at when he started to go for it. I rolled a 4.


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