What is Ominosity?

Ominosity is a mostly blog of my gaming thoughts. When I have something I want to share which deserves more than a Tweet or a Google+ post I’ll put it in here.

Mostly it’s RPG stuff, reviews of the games I’ve been playing, write-ups of my sessions. There a whole playable RPG in there. You’ll also find occasional commentary on videogames, writing and parenting.



2 thoughts on “What is Ominosity?

  1. Enjoyed reading through your blog, but haven’t you tried the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system? or the newer Warlock! Rpg?

  2. Thanks for reading! I have played AFF, I played Dungeoneer back in the day and I was one of the playtesters on AFF2. Honestly I’m not a fan of them. Special Skills exacerbate the problem of Skill being so core to play target than solving it.

    Warlock looks good but I haven’t had a chance to play it. I did run a couple of Troika! adventures last year and I enjoyed that a lot.

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