Whitehack Modern & SF

My Whitehack posts have been really popular recently so I thought I should share some ideas for running Whitehack in settings other than fantasy. Whitehack is essentially D&D, so it is written to provide fantasy adventures, characters are defined (primarily) in terms of their combat capabilities and their ability to survive danger. But it is […]

Running One-Shot Sessions To Time

A couple weeks ago I was reading a conversation on Google Plus where a couple GMs were discussing how hard they found it to run a session to a strict time limit. To help my fellow GMs I wrote up the following six rules which I follow to try and keep my games within the […]

Whitehack RPG Houserules

These are the houserules I am planning on using for my next Whitehack campaign, I thought I’d share them here so that other Whitehack GMs can see what I am up to. Some are tweaks which would work for most Whitehack games, others are intended specifically to match the power level and feel of the […]

Negotiated Strictness For Fun & Profit

I ran a sort of half-session of Edge of the Empire last night. Just a little warm up to get us all back into it and to introduce a new Scout/Force Sensitive PC into the mix. I do love the mechanics of The FFG Star Wars games, particularly their dice. It’s funny because coming from […]

Friends of the Karmic Halflings

“Any friend of a these Halflings is indeed a brave, erm… What are you exactly.” – Lord Donnay Magnaminous upon meeting Heavyscale Graubh. Following on from The Karmic Halfling Capers, Sometimes the Halflings need some help, or a friend of theirs doesn’t clear off quickly enough when The Fates come knocking. Whatever the reason, these are […]