MS Word is cool for kids

I am sorry I have left this blog idle for so long. By way of apology I present you with this unedited transcript written in Word by my son (9) and his friend as they played something kind of Star Treky. I think they typed out all their communications and anything their ship’s computer announced. There is a narrative of sorts, although you do have to join the dots a little.



Weapons/ship/Codes    (Day 1)

Fire external guns auto

Spider drones

Code xy.37.9

 A fire auto blast


Hexandria we are under attack over.

Message received over

We are being hit in the following: launch bay/sleeping quarters.

Over were on our way right this minute

Hexandria could you manage one more favour please? Save the minors of fexicon over

Sorry too dangerous over

Robotcons activate

Code HE7.2HD

Emergency launch activate

All systems go

Engine  simmer

Extend panels solar

Opening panels

Escape pods

Speed code a.1.0

External guns double

Mine (fuel starsha)

Stop drill

Store emergency fuel tank

Continue mining

S.O.S open

Ship on Jupiter

Any life forms over

1 life form AKA kayo the shuttle seller

ship blueprint received

engage thrusters too full

dock 1 open

£6000000000000 earth pounds

mini oreo double

warp 3 uranus

orbit Uranus

engage gas suckers

pay rise

as long as fuel pay too

status report bulky

moving the shuttle to Jupiter

full thruttle

time stop

manned fighter launch

debris check


dock fix person revive

time warp 4

Babylon 5 spinning speed 

Open docking port 1


Code 2211.99 

Open docking port 2


Code 2211.107

EROR 264

Open channel

Debris check


T – 1m, 12

Open channel


Fire external guns auto

at asteroid


T- 1m, 12




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